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Why Use Qompanion

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Compare Top Insurers in Malaysia

With insurance, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Using Qompanion, you can compare all the different coverages and benefits offered by insurers in order to find the best plan for you!

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Purchase Insurance Policies Online

Tired of travelling for meetings with insurance agents? Just select any available insurance plan and proceed to checkout. Buying insurance has never been easier!

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Save Quotes and Manage Existing Policies

The Qompanion member’s dashboard allows you to review and manage all your saved quotes and purchased policies in one place. Renew and review with just a click.

How To Use Qompanion?

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Select the type of insurance you want

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Compare between all the different insurance plans

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Purchase and receive your policy via email

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We want to empower consumers to make educated decisions based on unbiased information. Our platform connects you and your family directly with insurers creating an ecosystem whereby you can manage all your insurance needs on a single platform. New features and insurance products will be launched progressively.