Know Your Luxury Car Insurance and Road Tax Before You Drive

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If you’re finally turning your dream of owning a luxury car into a reality, congratulations to you! Whether you decide to cruise down the highway in a Lexus or Audi, the keys to your brand new car come with the commitment of car insurance and road tax too. Some might call it liability, but in reality, a comprehensive car insurance can save you from unfortunate accidents and road tax contributes to the country‘s road maintenance.

Thinking about car insurance can caused a headache, but we’re nice enough to compare car insurance plans for you. Before you rev up the engine of your new ride, let’s weigh down the insurance cost and road tax from four main car categories.


1. I want a Sedan


Yes, it’s natural to see sedan on everyone’s list of must-have. Pick any day for a casual drive and you’re likely to spot a sedan at the traffic light. While luxury sedans come with an expensive price tag, what owners will get in return are ‘fuel economy, rear-wheel drive, four-door access, and safety features’. Depending on your preferred car model, the average insurance costs are between RM15,000-RM18,000 per annum.Based on current Motor Insurance Detariffication, the costs may differ according to your chosen premium plans.

Models Sedan
Price Insurance cost Road tax
BMW 7 Series G12 740 LexDrive (1,998cc) RM598,800 RM6,000 RM4,371
Mercedes-Benz 400h L AMG Line (3,498cc) RM598,888 RM15,949 RM4,371
Jaguar XJ L 2.0 Ti Luxury 2014 (1,999cc) RM638,888 RM16,924 RM379
Audi A8 L 3.0 TFSI quattro 2017 (2,995cc) RM656,900 RM17,426 RM2,117

2. I want an SUV



Do you prefer an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) as your ride of choice? We can tell by the way you admire the SUV’s spacious seating, large cargo space, and all-wheel drive. With the increasing number of SUVs in the highway these days, you’re definitely not the only one! The average insurance costs for SUVs are between RM20,000-RM25,000 per annum. The latest Motor Insurance Detariffication might affect the cost of your insurance plan.

Models SUV
Price Insurance cost Road tax
Infiniti QX80 (5,552cc) RM797,837 RM21,219 RM5,723
Mercedes-Benz GLS 400 4MATIC AMG Line (2,996cc) RM888,888 RM23,457 RM1,633
Lexus LX 2017 (5,663cc) RM923,960 RM24,498 RM5,900
Range Rover 4.4 SDV8 Vogue (4,367cc) RM1,010,000 RM26,703 RM3,827



3. I want a Sports Car


Sports car is the luxury statement of every deep-pocketed city folk. Arriving to your appointment or evening dinner in a sleek convertible is enough to conjure the temptation of owning one. Perfect for anyone who enjoys the privacy of a two-seater vehicle, sports cars also have the benefits of powerful delivery, quick steering response, rear-wheel drive and high performance tires. The average insurance costs for sports cars are between RM6,000-RM12,000 per annum. Be informed about the Motor Insurance Detariffication to get a clear picture on your chosen insurance plan.

Models Sport Cars
Price Insurance cost Road tax
Mazda MX-5 2017 (1,998cc) RM241,198 RM6,584 RM379
Peugeot RCZ Auto 2014 (1,598cc) RM237,476 RM6,453 RM90
Lotus Elise 220 Cup 2015 (1,798cc) RM316,127 RM8,532 RM279
Audi TTS quattro (1,984cc) RM392,900 RM10,528 RM372

4. I want a Hybrid


If you’re on the path of reducing your carbon footprint, hitting the streets with a hybrid vehicle or EV is the best way forward. Characterised by its fuel efficiency, hybrids are built with regenerative braking and electric-only drive. Lexus, Honda, BMW and Toyota are one of many hybrid models that are available in Malaysia. The average insurance costs for hybrid are between RM10,000-RM30,000 per annum. The latest Motor Insurance Detariffication may affect the cost of your insurance plan.

Models Hybrid Cars
Price Insurance cost Road tax
Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine Inscription Plus (1,969cc) RM413,888 RM11,074 RM427.60
Infiniti Q70 3.5 Hybrid (3,498cc) RM420,000 RM11,298 RM4,371
BMW 740Le xDrive (1,998cc) RM598,800 RM15,881.90 RM379
Lexus LS 600h L (4,969cc) RM1,419,000 RM37,369.30 RM10,990.50

Before you signed off on your new luxury car, it’s best to consider the insurance cost that it entails. Some might see it as non-essential cost, but you never know when a bad accident or damage strikes. It’s also important to note that insurance costs vary according to vehicle types and accompanying capacity. Our advice is to always look beyond the price tag and consider the yearly commitment of a car insurance. Better yet, we made it easier for you to select the perfect car insurance plan for your luxury car.

Note: All car models and rates are estimated and sourced from on January 2018.