Easy & Complete Guide to Malaysian Road Tax Renewal

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It's that time to the year again to replace that thing sticking on windscreen. No, it's not the chewing gum you stuffed on your windscreen last year. We’re talking about the road tax disc. 

In this article, we’re walking you through on your yearly journey and options of renewing your road tax.

Open for renewal

Your car is open for renewal within 60 days before the expiry date of your car’s road tax. That gives you ample time to renew your road tax and there shouldn’t be any reason otherwise.

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So pop by your windshield occasionally and have a look at the expiry date glaringly printed on your road tax disc. Quickly estimate if it is time again to renew. As the first thing you learn in legal education says, “Ignorance of the law is not excusable”. 

Renew car insurance

Once it is open for renewal, the next thing to do is to renew the car insurance.

If you have not had slightest clue about Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third Party Car Insurance you can .

Before you commit to a car insurance, it is advisable to compare your options between insurers to get the best deals that suits you and your car. Fortunately, we have just the right stuff for you to easily compare your options.

Another thing to consider is the coverage type - Comprehensive Car Insurance or Third Party Car Insurance.

When you have found the perfect one with the most suitable price and coverage for you, buy it and receive the policy cover note. Once you have purchased, you may proceed to renew your road tax.

Renew road tax

Road tax isn’t just for governments to make money off you. It is to ensure that you and your car are road-worthy. So, after your car is insured, you are half way there.

While you renew your road tax, most of us law abiding citizens who pays for our traffic offenses wouldn’t have a problem getting our road tax renewed. However brazen law-breakers would. That’s when you need to settle your summonses before you are road-worthy for road tax renewal.

In any case, here are your options in renewing your road tax

  • MYEG (online & delivered to your doorstep)
  • POS Malaysia (on the spot in any post office nationwide)

Sticking a road tax disc

It may sound silly to include this but we believe many have faced the same problem. It gets tricky because if you did not do it right, it’ll fall off the windscreen or some parts will roll back out.

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First you will notice that the car insurance company will usually provide a frame sticker with their brand and emergency contact number. This is where you stick your road tax on so that you can peel it off easily when it expires. Otherwise you may have to stack up your road tax on your windscreen. Besides, the sticker is handy when you are in an emergency as it usually comes with the 24-hour emergency contact number printed on it. 

There are two sections on the frame sticker – The main frame and the plain extended leaf on the right side.

  • Step 1: Stick the road tax on the leaf
  • Step 2: Peel leaf and paste it on your windscreen.
  • Step 3: Peel the main frame and stick it over the road tax

Here’s a video to aid you;

Driving with an expired road tax 

Ever noticed the road blocks by the road transport authority or better known as JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan)? Even the police can haul you to be booked for driving without a valid road tax. So it makes sense to renew your road tax promptly as it is too risky.

The penalty is undoubtedly painful. If caught, it can cost you up to RM3,000. So to prevent this, if it is expired, avoid driving that car and renew the road tax ASAP.

Let’s have some math fun!

Ever wondered how a car road tax cost differ from one car to another? Here at Qompanion, we’ll it fun & easy for you to learn about that with the magic of mathematics.

The basics – it’s all about the cubic capacity (CC). The higher the CC of the car is, the more exponentially expensive road tax is. Now let’s see how it is quantified.

Step 1: Identify the right Road Tax Schedule

Step 2: Identify your CC Tier

Let’s take the most common schedule for most of us - Private Car in Peninsular Malaysia. Based on the Schedule below, identify which CC Tier your car belongs to.

Step 3: Calculate

Once you have identified the CC Tier, first quantify the “Difference in CC” by subtracting the CC of the car with the Highest CC in previous range of the Tier;

CC – Highest CC in previous tier = Difference in CC

Then take the Difference in CC and multiply it with the Progressive Rate in the Tier to get the Progressive Amount;

Difference in CC x Progressive Rate = Progressive Amount

Finally, for the Road Tax Cost, sum up the Base Rate with the Progressive Amount

Progressive Amount + Base rate = Road Tax Cost

If you are a math wizard, you can skip the above and refer to the following BODMAS version


Now that you have learnt the calculation, let’s try out 3 real-life cars – An entry level car, a trendy cool car to have and a dream car.

For entry level, we’re taking the most common car in the Malaysian streets – The Perodua MyVi. There are variants so let’s take the MyVi SE 1.5 Auto. The exact engine capacity is 1,495cc. With a zero Progressive Rate in the 1,400 to 1,600 Tier, you can take it straight from the schedule’s base rate. That’s RM90.

For the trendy cool car, we’re taking what everyone’s talking about – The Honda Civic, more specifically the 1.8S variant. Exact engine capacity is 1,799cc. It belongs to the CC Tier below the MyVi at 1,601 to 1,800 with Progressive Rate of RM0.40 per cc. Number crunching from the formula given above, the Road Tax should arrive to RM279.60 per year.

How about the dream car? Fortunately, we had a once in a lifetime opportunity to renew the road tax and insurance of one of these babies recently. It’s a Bentley Continental GT 6L. Yup that’s right. The ‘6L’ means that there’s a 5,998cc engine under the hood and it is a beast.  Can you believe how much the Road Tax costs? It is a jaw-dropping RM15,621 per year.

Did you get the calculation right? We hope you have learnt a thing or two about Road Tax and the renewal process. Any comments or anything to add, please feel free to email us at help@qompanion.com