Top 10 Ridiculously Funny Insurance Claims 2017

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Nobody realises just how much insurance adjusters and personnel are “entertained” by ridiculously hilarious policy claims. It might even be part of the job description at this point!

Here are ten downright comical insurance claims made by real people that will give you a serious case of the giggles:


#10: Voodoo on My Windshield

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Yes, sometimes the unexplainable happens and rather than find a likely cause, there will be those prone to blaming…voodoo. When asked about the cause of a windshield crack, one claimant simply had this to say, “Windshield broke. Cause unknown. Probably Voodoo” and the truth is no one can say for sure that it wasn’t voodoo. But still, we can’t blame insurance companies for not providing cover on incidences that involve the dark arts.

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#9: Lost My Denture

While most might be clear on what constitutes ‘lost baggage’ when related to travel insurance, not all are. In fact, a man on a cruise vacation claimed the loss of his false teeth (when he threw up over the side of the ship) as lost baggage. It’s unclear if the insurance provider paid up but chances are the claim had no real bite.

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#8: The Perils of Coconuts

You never think about how dangerous coconuts can be, until it falls on your head and knocks you out. This actually happened to a woman on vacation in Sri Lanka as she was relaxing in the shade of a lanky coconut tree. We doubt that the people who were actually struck by coconuts laughed much about it but it is a bizarre claim nonetheless. The only good news here is that her insurance provider covered the cost of her subsequent medical bills. 

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#7: Thieving Monkeys in Malaysia