5 Things To Do Before Leaving For The Holidays

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Have you ever left home for the holidays, only to suddenly worry that you forgot to turn off something? You’re not the only one. It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of the holiday season when there’s so much to look forward to. That’s why Qompanion has got you covered with these 5 things you need to do before heading off for the holidays.


1. Buy Travel Insurance: cover all your bases



To start with, get protection! In the event your home gets broken into, your travel insurance will cover the damage. Some policies even cover floods and other disasters that can cost thousands and thousands of ringgit. This is in addition to all the other benefits you’ll receive, like travel delay, medical assistance, and loss of documents/luggage coverage. Travel insurance is absolutely crucial and should not be skipped out for any reason. For more information on travel insurance, check out our guide on 5 Things to Know Before Buying Travel Insurance


2. Electrical Appliances: switch off and unplug 



Unplug all appliances - your TV, laptop, router, blender, stove, iron and other appliances, except your fridge and alarm system. It’s important to not just switch off, but also unplug, as electrical surges can still occur. Check all plug points thoroughly, as well as switches, because being meticulous saves lives.


If you plan to leave a light on for security purposes, make sure the light source you select is a stable, energy-saving LED lamp. Better yet, have it on timer. This is to ensure your lights do not catch fire or burn out. Timers that turn the lights on and off at specific times may deter intruders, as it gives the impression of people being home. Even though your travel insurance covers damage due to fire or burglary, it’s important to be as diligent as possible in keeping it safe.


3. Pets & Plants: they can be insured too!




Do you know that there is Pet Insurance available for your dog and cats? MSIG provides Pet Insurance for diligent pet parents, and protects your furkid from an array of accidents.


You’ll also need a caretaker for them when you’re away, whether it’s a friend doing you a favor or a professional pet hotel. Remember to plan ahead, as pet hotels fill up quickly during holiday seasons. For dog parents, one day will set you back anywhere from RM 50 to RM 80, while cat parents can expect to pay from RM 20 to RM 40 per day. Says.com has compiled a list of providers in the Klang Valley.


And don’t forget your plants! You can always place them in ‘foster care’ with a friend, or have a friend stop by every few days to water them.


4. Alert Security: let them know you’ll be away




If you live in a guarded high rise or a gated community, you should consider letting security know when you’ll be away. This way, anyone poking about your home will immediately raise suspicion. If you’re not fully confident with the services of your security guards and do not have a home alarm system, make sure to also let your neighbours know that you’ll be away. They will be your extra eyes and ears. Just make sure to bring a nice souvenir back for them as thanks!


And if the unthinkable happens and your home gets broken into, at least you can have the peace of mind that your travel insurance has got you covered.  


5. Maintenance: clean up and pay your bills



This should be common sense, but bears saying. Clean your dishes, throw out any rubbish, and ensure there are no uncovered still-water reservoirs to avoid mold, mosquitoes and other insects. No one wants to come home after two weeks of holidays to a fridge filled with mouldy, rotting fruit. You should also make sure that all your bills to avoid any late charges. Wherever possible, set up standing instructions so the amount is taken directly from your bank account. Do also remember to alert your bank that you’ll be away, so your debit and credit cards can be used to shop and experience all the wonders of your holiday destination. Here’s a handy little checklist we’ve made for you so you can have a worry-free holiday!


If you don’t already have travel insurance, use this tool to compare policies and make sure you’re insured. Happy holidays!