Top 10 Ridiculously Funny Insurance Claims 2017

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Nobody realises just how much insurance adjusters and personnel are “entertained” by ridiculously hilarious policy claims. It might even be part of the job description at this point!

Here are ten downright comical insurance claims made by real people that will give you a serious case of the giggles:

#10: Voodoo on My Windshield

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Yes, sometimes the unexplainable happens and rather than find a likely cause, there will be those prone to blaming…voodoo. When asked about the cause of a windshield crack, one claimant simply had this to say, “Windshield broke. Cause unknown. Probably Voodoo” and the truth is no one can say for sure that it wasn’t voodoo. But still, we can’t blame insurance companies for not providing cover on incidences that involve the dark arts.

Source: SwapMeetDave

#9: Lost My Denture

While most might be clear on what constitutes ‘lost baggage’ when related to travel insurance, not all are. In fact, a man on a cruise vacation claimed the loss of his false teeth (when he threw up over the side of the ship) as lost baggage. It’s unclear if the insurance provider paid up but chances are the claim had no real bite.

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#8: The Perils of Coconuts

You never think about how dangerous coconuts can be, until it falls on your head and knocks you out. This actually happened to a woman on vacation in Sri Lanka as she was relaxing in the shade of a lanky coconut tree. We doubt that the people who were actually struck by coconuts laughed much about it but it is a bizarre claim nonetheless. The only good news here is that her insurance provider covered the cost of her subsequent medical bills. 

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#7: Thieving Monkeys in Malaysia

Monkeys are cute, sprightly and apparently also fond of petty theft and other misdemeanours.  A couple vacationing in our little corner of heaven returned to find their chalet burgled. It must have been quite a shock to discover that they had been robbed but probably more so that the crime was perpetrated by a gang of monkeys. Thankfully, the insurance company paid out, but no word on whether the thieves were apprehended. 

Source: The Telegraph

#6: What Does The Fox Steal

Monkeys aren’t the only animals capable of thievery – foxes are quite apt at it too! A man moving his DVD player and other personal belongings was forced to abandon his possessions when a pair of foxes appeared out of nowhere. When he came back for his things, he found that most of his property was stolen and the foxes likely to blame. Unfortunately, the claimant was unsuccessful in receiving compensation from his insurance provider. 

Source: The Telegraph

#5: Mother-In-Law Troubles

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This was written on an insurance claim form: “I pulled away from the side of the road, glanced at my mother-in-law and headed over the embankment." Now while the claimant isn’t blatantly blaming his or her mother-in-law for the mishap, it does sound as though she did play a part, if only by glancing, according to the claimant. In terms of coverage though, we are quite sure that most policies don’t cover difficult in-laws. 

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#4: Hail-ish Claims 

Fraudulent claims can be just as hilarious as real claims because of the lengths people will go to. In the 1990s, a hail storm had caused damage to many vehicles in the surrounding area and one such claimant decided to ‘get in’ on the hail situation and make a claim for his car too. However, adjusters found that the dents in the car were too small to be hail-related and most likely made by intentional stabs with a ballpoint pen, so they rejected the claim. But the claimant didn’t stop there, he filed a police report stating that some unknown person had vandalised his car and this time the insurance company had to pay out. 

Source: HowStuffWorks

#3: The Date That Went Really, Really Bad

A man tried to make a theft claim after a woman he picked up at a thrift store apparently drugged him and robbed his apartment. Well, there’s nothing funny about that, but this is when it starts to get weird; apparently the woman also stole all his receipts too! Nobody knows what exactly she would want with a bunch of receipts but it’s certainly a convenient story, one that would mean the claimant couldn’t back up his claim. 


#2: When Pretty Girls Are to Blame

Guys with wandering eyes really need to watch where they are going! A tourist travelling through Athens was so taken with a bevy of bikini-clad beauties that he walked right into a bus shelter. He broke his nose and probably wounded his pride but the good news is that the insurance company actually paid up. 

Source: The Telegraph

#1: Dog Was Driving

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Dogs get blamed for everything, from eating homework right up to driving recklessly! Yes, you read that right. We’re willing to bet that even the insurance personnel assigned this case did a double take when he or she found this entry on a claim form: "I knew the dog was possessive about the car but I would not have asked her to drive it if I had thought there was any risk." It’s quite likely that the claim was not settled by the insurance company and well within reason at that.

Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Done laughing?

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